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MÁL/TÍÐ is a non governmental organisation that aims to promote creative collaborations between the culinary world art and design in order to challenge our current food culture and imagine sustainable food futures.

Kjartan Óli Guðmundsson is a chef and product designer interested in Icelandic food products and processes. Foraging and fermentation are at heart in his practice. His project questions our human/nature relationship through our food habits.
Antonía Bergþórsdóttir is a ceramic artist working with material that she forages in her environment. She runs the gallery Flæði in Reykjavík and is interested in creating a discussion between food and ceramic, a symbolic material when it comes to food objects.

Elín Margot is a designer artist  focusing on the representation of gender in our food habits, questioning our interspecies relationships in our food system and creating a gentle activism through food practices such as fermentation.  
Pola Sutryk is a chef working with foraged food. Through workshops, she shares her knowledge and introduces “care” for our environment, for others in our food habits.

Gudrita Lape is a nomadic visual artist and vegan chef focusing on collective memory inspired performance art and installations which usually include food items. Gudrita also holds workshops on turning food waste into biomaterials and is epilepsy awareness ambassador.
Anna Andrea Winther is a visual artist that explores various processes of food making. Through undoing the process of the factory, exploring natural methods and breaking up consumerist rituals, she attempts to reveal the connections and disconnections people have to how their food is made.

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